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John Rich

Country Music Singer John Rich Redneck Riviera Bars

By February 2, 2018 No Comments

REDNECK RIVIERA is a privately held lifestyle brand that celebrates America’s hard-working men and women. Built for people who live to turn up the music and have fun with friends and family, Redneck Riviera is America’s ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ brand that offers something for everyone who likes to rock the red, whi- te and blue all year long. Launched in 2014, the brand brings these values to life through footwear, apparel, hospitality, food, spirits and licensed products in a varie- ty of categories. Redneck Riviera has expanded its reach with the opening of honky-tonk bar Redneck Riviera Las Vegas and a Nashville location opening in 2018.

Redneck Riviera is the brainchild of the award-winning multi-faceted entertainer and entrepreneur John Rich. Redneck Riviera celebrates the men and women who make America the greatest nation in the world through their hard working attitude that deserves to be celebra- ted. In addition to Redneck Riviera apparel, footwear, food and beach accessories, Redneck Riviera has two honky-tonks. Redneck Riviera Vegas is now open at the Grand Bazaar Shops adjacent to Bally’s Las Vegas on the famed Sin City strip, and Redneck Riviera Nashville is set to open in spring of 2018 on Nashville’s Lower Broadway.

F&B Mag • Everyone has a story. Tell us how it feels to have built the kind of place your family and friends can turn up at after a hard day’s work as well a Bar Business Owner? Tell us how you knew you wanted to become part of the hospitality industry…What was your “Light Bulb” Moment?

JOHN RICH • Redneck Riviera in Las Vegas has really been a really a lot of pride has gone into that and it’s important because I know that the kind of people that will be attracted to that place and they are Americas work hard play hard proud and you know they have that they have a finite amount of expendable income that you know they if they’re going to spend a dollar on entertainment it better be a really good really good entertainment and I think redneck Riviera if you’re a country music fan or a you’re a veteran or were active duty or a first responder you know you walk in the Redneck Riviera in and if you spend a dollar that place, Your know you really got something for it.