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Featured Performer Jessie-Rose

By June 25, 2021 No Comments

Jessie-Rose is living proof that raw talent, ambition, honesty and one goal in mind -to make great music- can still prevail in today’s music industry.

Jessie-Rose formed a band in April 2012 that she toured the country with. Her music and ability to engage the audience is bringing crowds to their feet across the Nation.

Jessie-Rose is breaking the mold of today’s repetitive country music sound by blending her unique style into Southern Rock flavored Country. The high energy and love of her audience has made Jessie-Rose an instant crowd-pleaser. Many know her by her love of America and her song “GREAT AGAIN” Which was released in 2019. It is her biggest song yet with over 500,000 streams across all platforms.

Jessie-Rose has performed with Such artist as: Randy Houser, Chase Rice, Chase Bryant, Cannon Smith, Blackberry Smoke, Little Texas, Jason Michael Carrol, Collin Ray, Aaron Tippin, Sammi Kershaw, Charlie Pride, Sawyer Brown and More”
With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds, suggesting a range of influences from Miranda Lambert and Lynyrd Skynyrd to Led Zeppelin and Patsy Cline, Jessie-Rose shows no limitation of ability and style.

A Jessie-Rose show is one that is NOT to be missed! A combination of high energy, audience interaction and down-home country fun makes Jessie-Rose a true crowd-pleaser in every venue she appears!