What the “Heroes Bar” means to me

The Heroes Bar is the most significant and soulful part of any Redneck Riviera Bar & BBQ.  This is where we not only get to say “Thank you for your service”… But, we back that up by offering our military vets and active duty, plus all first responders a 2 for 1 for all beer, wine & cocktails from opening to 10pm plus half price Redneck Riviera Jerky.  These folks are the backbone of our nation and we love them!

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DJ Sinister

Jun 23

Chris Shrader

Jun 24

Shelly Rann and the Royalties (Cover band)

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Serving Up Kick Ass

May 23, 2018

Spirits 4 Spirits Event

April 2, 2018

Building on Redneck Riviera family values

February 26, 2018

John Rich Hosts Redneck Riviera Showcase, Mansion at Fontanel

October 20, 2017

Vegas Strong Concert Orleans Arena

October 1, 2017

Route 91 Event

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News Announcements

Redneck Riviera is more than just our amazing Bar & BBQ on Broadway in Nashville.  It is a lifestyle that resides in most, if not all of us.  Please take a peak at these important news items to see how John Rich and Redneck Riviera are working to keep America’s values in tact.  It’s about working hard and playing maybe even harder.  Enjoy!


John Rich Hosted Employment and Entertainment Showcase

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 26, 2018) - Country music star John Rich hosted an employment meeting…
Deadwood Mountain Grand Event Center

Party with Top Accounts in South Dakota at the Deadwood Mountain Grand Event Center

Eastside Distilling, Redneck Riviera and RNDC Host a Night of Great Entertainment to Launch Redneck…
John Rich

Country Music Singer John Rich Redneck Riviera Bars

REDNECK RIVIERA is a privately held lifestyle brand that celebrates America’s hard-working men and women.…
John Rich
John Rich Throws a Redneck Riviera Whiskey Kick Off Party at His Nashville Home
Redneck Riviera Whiskey
Eastside Distilling Announces Redneck Riviera Whiskey Partnership

From the Man Himself


“I’ve always dreamed of building the kind of place where my friends and family could get together and turn it up after a hard day’s work. Redneck Riviera is that place. We are going to build as many of them as it takes to offer a place for every hard-working American to cut loose and celebrate a job well done!”

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If you’re looking for a Nashville experience like none other, Redneck Riviera is the spot for you and your group.  Great music, great drinks and great people are what makes Redneck Rivera the best on Broadway.  Our staff has been hired carefully to ensure that when your group leaves, they will remember the event you put on and Redneck Rivera Nashville for years to come.  Check it out… Three floors, two main stages, cool redneck décor and heart!

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Bar & BBQ

Redneck Rivera has a simple yet delicious BBQ menu.  BBQ four ways… Plates, sliders, on mac ‘n’ cheese and on a salad.  Great sides too!  Where can you drink and beer and enjoy a bag of jerky?  Sounds good when you think about it… Right?  Nothing fancy… Just good!

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