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Featured Performer – Cricket Davis

By January 31, 2019 No Comments
Redneckriviera Featured Performer

Cricket Davis used to be known as an Arkansas born, 9th grade English teacher in the Charleston, South Carolina area. After being involved with her students music events, Cricket became inspired to begin making music of her own. After years of singing back up vocals for local bands, with the blessing of her students, Cricket took to Nashville to grow her part time music gig into a full blown career. Now, Cricket Davis is known for her powerhouse/soulful vocals that have given her the ability to stand out in Music City. Accompanied by her trusty ukulele, Cricket is an artist that can find her way into all genres of music while staying true to her blues influence. Her onstage performances are electric with pure emotion and good vibes. The singer is currently working on her first solo record in Nashville. You can Cricket every Monday Morning at Redneck Riviera.